Child Stars Who Found Fame Too Much To Handle


Back when child stars only had movies and television as means to breakout and steal the hearts of the public, it was tremendously easy to become captivated by them and think they had the perfect lives. Over the past few decades, not much has changed in terms of childhood stars, except for their misfortunes being documented on a larger scale, mixed with the different distractions that could derail their careers.

Not only is it difficult for a youngster to be in the spotlight, recovering from an unsuccessful career can be much harder. For those who have survived their teens and found the same success in young adulthood, the weight of stardom can be just as tough, considering every gossip site and entertainment show is waiting for the perfect opportunity to report on them cracking.

Here are a few child stars that found fame was too much to handle:

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen became juvenile millionaires thanks to Full House

Now they’re completely pissed off about the reboot

Edward Furlong was one of Hollywood’s most promising actors

But Furlong has had a few run ins with substance and domestic abuse

Former child star Ariana Grande is pop’s newest sensation

She apparently has a huge attitude problem

Orlando Brown has been arrested twice since 2007

One time was for a DUI with his pregnant girlfriend in the car

Maia Campbell unfortunately suffers from bipolar disorder

She’s been accused of causing drunken scenes at fast food chains

Justin Bieber is still susceptible to breaking the law now and then

He’s not shy to indulge in drugs and alcohol either

Taylor Momsen is now a rock vocalist for Pretty Reckless

She appeared naked on the album cover and reportedly worships Satan

Taylor’s reckless behavior might be why she’s no longer on Gossip Girl

Jeremy Jackson had to leave Baywatch due to a drug problem

He recently robbed an AirBnB and even stabbed a man