Celebs Who Believe In Celibacy Before Marriage


Celibacy before marriage is seen as a thing of the past, a way of life for a number of people in various cultures, including those in North America. Reasons for adhering to such a practice include religious beliefs and consider celibacy as keeping the institution of marriage sacred. Though we don’t hear too often of this practice amongst our friends and families, it is still relevant today.

Just like us regular folk, celebrities, too, adhere to celibacy. Interestingly, celibacy has found its way in the global entertainment industry, from North America to Asia. For some, celibacy is practiced in its traditional sense: no sex before marriage. But what happens if you’re embarking on a new relationship following a break-up or a divorce. Do these celebs practice celibacy. They do. Again, the reasons why couples adhere to celibacy revolve around issues of commitment and valuing the little things in a relationship non-sex-related.

Here are just some of the celebrities in the entertainment industry who believe in celibacy before marriage.