Celebs Who Ban Their Kids From Watching TV


Let’s face it – we are all guilty of zoning out for hours on so many different screens today: iPads, iPhones, computers and TV’s. But how does excessive TV watching affect our children today? Statistics have it that by the time most children are seven years old they have watched a full year of television and more likely to be obese. Despite being in movies and TV shows that have earned them millions of dollars, some high profile celebrities have set a parental example by not only banning their children from watching TV but also not having a TV in their home.

Some celebrities claim that TV is full of trash. Some of these celebrities have had to stop certain images of themselves from being exposed to their children. Or sometimes movie and television roles they have played may be a less than an ideal example for their children to see. We also can’t forget vicious celebrity gossip.

Many of us often dream of being famous. So who would have thought that being loved in Hollywood and wildly successful on TV or the big screen would somehow put these celebrities off of movies and other sources of media? But, oh well – nobody can argue that quality time spent over the dinner table or getting actual exercise aren’t better for children, so maybe these celebrities are on the right track.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox not only believes television is trash, she also bans her kids from the internet and computer games.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is praised on TV for her humanitarian work, but she still doesn’t believe in owning a television at home.


Madonna has to hide her racy images from her children. She is very strictly raising her kids while banning television.

Cynthia Nixon

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon has three children. Despite her success, she hasn’t owned a TV since 1986.

Julia Roberts

Julie Robert not only bans her kids from watching the tube, she also believes they should not watch her movies.