Celebs In Their 40s That Are Still Sexy AF


Age is nothing but a number, though it going through it sucks for nearly everyone. The older someone gets, the more envious they may become of younger people.

But being beautiful is not exactly exclusive to young people. There are some people who age gracefully and enjoy settling into maturity. And if you’re a celebrity, you sure as hell have other means to make sure your glamorous looks stay intact. It’s normal for celebs to also be sex symbols, considering they’re always on television, the red carpet or in a magazine on the shelf of nearly every convenience store.

Speaking of these celebrities, it seems like some of them don’t age – at least the ones we’re about to look at. Here are some Hollywood stars that haven’t aged a bit, and are as sexy as ever after breaching the 40-year mark:

David Beckham burst on the scene as a youngster on Manchester United

Today, he’s still one of the sexiest hunks in the world

Kate Winslet still looks like she did when starring in Titanic

She’s an incredible talent and has won many awards

Tobey McGuire is still the innocent looking stud

He seems like he hasn’t aged since the Spider-Man movies

Zach Braff hasn’t changed one bit since the end of Scrubs

But he does keep active every now and then

Eva Longoria is one of the most desired women on the planet

She still gets plenty of attention long after Desperate Housewives

Black Eyed Peas singer I.Am could pass for someone in his 20s

His activism and style keep him sharp and fresh

Jimmy Fallon’s boyish looks aren’t going away any time soon

Your mom probably still thinks he’s cute

Hilary Swank keeps fit, classy, and talented

The two time Oscar winner shows no sign of slowing down