Celebs Accused Of Faking Their Pregnancy


When the paparazzi surround a celebrity’s every move, chances are the average person will falsely advertise more often than not. With extra publicity in mind, some actors stage relationships, breakups, meltdowns and even pregnancies, and you can’t blame them for it.

Whether it’s to throw off the public on when the baby is supposed to arrive or just to stir the pot, some of Hollywood’s leading ladies adopted a fake bump for vastly different reasons.

It seems shallow to not believe someone who declares they’re pregnant, and in most cases, some of these media types should have been ashamed of themselves. Yet it other instances, some celebrity figures have pregnancy stories so strange that it’s hard to believe them.

But some “fake” pregnancies were responsible for the inclusion of little starlets in this world, like Blu Ivy Carter and North West. Here are a list of celebs accused of faking their pregnancies:

– In 2006, the paparazzi themselves tried debunking the theory that Katie Holmes

was expecting due to the way her belly was shifting.

– Nicole Kidman faked a pregnancy to throw off those questioning about her relationship with a surrogate.

– Kim Kardashian was accused of weight gain by so-called experts who didn’t believe she had a child on the way.

– Jwoww shocked fans when a picture surfaced of the four month pregnant reality star with no sign of a bump and a flat stomach.

– Nobody believed Natalie Nunn when she announced her pregnancy, but it turns out Nunn was indeed pregnant, and suffered a miscarriage.

– Beyonce’s bump seemed unnatural, but the world was introduced to Blue Ivy Carter in 2012.

-Danielle Jonas was accused of faking her pregnancy when her stomach appeared to be smaller and smaller as the weeks passed.