Celebrities You Didn't Know Live With Mental Health Issues


We look up to celebrities for many reasons: beauty, wealth, talent and sometime even philanthropy. There are, of course darker sides to many of them and sometimes those darker stories are kept secret or covered up for the sake of the artist. There is so much stigma to having mental illness that when a wildly popular celebrity comes out about having mental illness they hope to inspire, or at least serve those who suffer judgment. Also, their success despite having the disorder is inspiring and gives hope to so many who’s disorder has made them believe they have limitations. Mental illness is mysterious; it can implicate genius on so many levels and those with enough talent with these disorders advocate for that theory.

Having a mental illness is hard but these celebrities prove to us that with the proper professional help, social and familial support the standard of life can be limitless. So the next time you see any of these stars in your favorite movie or show, or hear a song sung or written by them just remember- they may be having struggles more unique and harder than your own- and they’re stars! So maybe let that inspire you- the mind can be a beautiful thing.

Demi Lovato

• Demi is open about her bulimia

• And she still puts out hit after hit

• Telling that her loving boyfriend

• inspires and supports her endlessly

Jim Carrey

• We all see Jim Carrey as funny and happy

• But in reality he lives with depression

• A prescription for proper meds

• Lifted him out of the blue

Hershel Walker

• Hershel Walker is a Heisman award winning runningback

• who deals with dissociative disorder

• After receiving treatment

• Walker writes to inspire others

Michael Phelps

• Michael Phelps may be the last person

• You’d think would have ADD

• But medication and course-swimming

• Was his answer to everything

Jon Hamm

• Mad Men’s debonair man of the world

• Also Lives with depression

• but antidepressants saved his life