Celebrities You Didn't Know Are Canadian


More often than not, when you think of fame, one’s thoughts automatically go to Hollywood, California. However, not everyone knows that so many of the stars we fantasize about or look up to are from our friendly northern neighbor, Canada. Some major stars have been scouted out or drafted to the states for their careers. Little be it known, Canada has had it’s own walk of fame since 1998 with over 160 inductees. Trained to hide their accents and dialects these famous people don’t often make it known to their fans where they are really from. But we wouldn’t really hold it against them, eh?

Canada is a place where some really great talent has been found and still serves as a home to these awesome celebrities. It may be proudly known to Americans that Los Angeles is the world’s hot spot when it comes to making a career in film or TV most successful. But Canada doesn’t hide its pride either in being the home of much of the raging talent that we experience on screen. Its walk of fame awaits these stars to when it’s aboot time make their mark- and who are we to begrudge our friendly neighbor some credit for rearing some of the talent that we so enjoy?

Ryan Gosling

Heartthrob Gosling is from London, Canada.

The Mickey Mouse Club picked him up At 12 years old.

Rachel McAdams

McAdams was also born in London, Ontario.

Her career started on the Canadian stage before moving to the States.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds got his break on soap opera Hillside.

Not a hockey fan, he left Vancouver, British Columbia, for Hollywood.

Michael Cera

Brampton, Ontario native Cera was discovered at Second City.

However, he claims to be not Canadian, but simply himself.

Seth Rogen

Rogen hails from Vancouver, British Colombia.

Getting his lucky break starting in Freaks and Geeks.

Nathan Fillion

Fillion grew up in Edmonton, Canada.

He left Canada for New York City when he was 23.

Howie Mandel

Mandel is from Toronto, Ontario.

He got his big break in club The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

Michael Buble

Buble has captured the heart of many Americans.

But Few know he’s actually from Burnaby, British Columbia.