Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless


It’s hard to believe the people we see wearing designer suits and watches were ever not wealthy. But a lot can happen over a person’s lifetime with respect to fortune, and even celebrities aren’t immune to ups and downs of life. Did you know that Dr Phil once lived out of a car with his dad? True story. His dad, like Dr Phil, was working on his doctorate in psychology and couldn’t afford to house them. Maybe it was all the late nights saturated with Freud that did it for Dr Phil, because he obviously followed in his dad’s footsteps (adding a celebrity twist). Then there is the late Steve Jobs. Apple wasn’t always the successful giant we know today, and neither was he. Jobs couch surfed in his twenties, and returned Coke bottles for the change. He also made a seven mile trek every Sunday just to get a hot meal from the local Here Krishna temple. The moral of the story is not to give up. Situations can change in a heartbeat, and you never know if you’ll pull a complete 180, becoming the next big CEO or big shot expert.

Halle Berry

Moving to Chicago to pursue acting

The future Oscar winner stayed in a homeless shelter in her twenties

Berry says it taught her to take care of herself

Dr. Phil

Long before his television success

Phil McGraw lived with his dad out of the car

When he was 12 years old

Carmen Electra

When Electra was homeless in Hollywood in her early 20s

Because her boyfriend stole her savings

She almost quit the town to return to Cincinnati

Daniel Craig

Craig persevered through his early acting career

Apparently sleeping on a park bench in London

David Letterman

Upon arriving in Los Angeles

Letterman lived out of his pickup

Steve Jobs

Before becoming the Apple Genius

Jobs couch surfed in college

And Returned Coke bottles for cash