Celebrities Who Were Crushed By Fame


Fame and fortune is not always sunshine and rainbows. The constant spotlight can be so blinding that some celebrities either turned to darkness and experienced dire devastation, or developed an unhealthy obsession with the attention. In both cases, it lead to similar crushing fates.

We’ve all heard the various tragic stories of childhood favorites who threw their lives away to embrace a drug addiction. Some felt that the weight of fame was so heavy, they took their own lives to relieve the burden. For others, they felt the pressures of society and their career were so demanding, they repeatedly went under the knife to carve themselves into the ‘perfect’ image.

Take a look at some of the celebrities who allowed fame to bring them down an obscure path where they lost themselves to the darker side of Tinseltown

Macaulay Culkin

Culkin became the biggest child actor Hollywood had ever seen in the 1990s

He was arrested in 2004 for drug possession

Heidi Montag

Montag rose in the spotlight after being cast on the MTV reality show The Hills

She endured many surgeries and wound up looking like a plastic Barbie doll

She and her husband are rumored to be penniless and living at his parents’ house

Corey Haim

Haim is best known for his role in The Lost Boys, making him a 1980’s teen idol

He began using drugs by age 15 and struggled with addiction for the rest of his life

He sadly passed away in 2010 from pneumonia

Charlie Sheen

Sheen is best known for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Three Musketeers and Two and a Half Men

He was fired in 2011 for his destructive behavior linked to substance abuse

He revealed in 2015 that he has contracted HIV but is unsure how he got it

Marilyn Monroe

Fame took a serious toll on Monroe’s emotional and mental health

Monroe was reported to have died from a drug overdose

She had been struggling with addiction and depression for years

Amanda Bynes

Bynes was an American sweetheart her entire career

Her life took a turn for the worse after retiring from acting in 2012

Bynes has been arrested for DUIs, hit-and-runs, drug possession and underwent mental-health evaluations

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan’s future had great potential after starring in popular films like Mean Girls

She has been arrested for multiple DUIs and was checked into rehab repeatedly

Lohan’s unprofessional behavior on set has abolished her chances of being hired