Celebrities Who Endorse Donald Trump For President


One of the hottest controversial characters in the media now is the one and only Donald Trump. He’s made some outrageous comments that have made the Republican party turn against him. From saying women who have had abortions should be punished, to stopping immigration, Donald has managed to be the loudest voice in American politics today. He seems to be deliberately speaking for shock value - anything to get you to turn your head and turn the volume up, right? The numbers and comments don’t add up: he’s ahead, he’s winning, but he just seems so delightfully condemnable. He knows how to work the media, and although the rejection by his own party is telling of the judgment Washington has of his character and credentials, some surprising faces have come forth to endorse this – ehhem - possible leader of the world. There are probably many different reasons these celebrities have tried to use their endorsements to support the tycoon. Let’s take a look at who they are. Some of them may surprise you…some of them, maybe not. Sometimes endorsements can be unique and single issue or just flippant so here we go…

Dan Bilzerian

• The Poker Playboy Bilzerian

• And “King of Instagram”

• Simply admires trump’s no-filter attitude


• Rodman Believes we don’t need another politician

• And That a great businessman

• Is better suited for the job

Hulk Hogan

• Hulk Hogan not only endorses trump

• He wants to wrestle with America

• By being his running mate

Kid Rock

• Kid Rock told Rolling Stone

• America is a business

• And so a businessman

• should Make it great again

Mike Tyson

• Tyson supports Trump

• For reasons that seem to evade us

• Which seem to be none at all

Azealia Banks

• Azealia thinks America is evil and doomed

• And sees Trump the same way

• Enough said

Tila Tequila

• Tila pushes Trump

• on all of her social media

• Primarily because she’s anti-vaccine

• As he is