Celebrities Who Completely Deny Cosmetic Surgery


We can all admit that one of the big reasons we flock to the movie screen or television is to experience beauty: some stars are just so beautiful sometimes how good they look is just too hard to swallow. Of course, when a star after a certain age starts to look a little too good the knee jerk question is wow- did they get work done? Beauty is best appreciated when it is natural and unaltered so much of Hollywood tries to hide that it’s gone under the knife. When you’re on the big screen you want to be worshipped for your natural looks, not your plastic surgeon. When stars get work done they often deny it - even though before and after photos are inevitable for them to hide.

Sometimes stars, upon discovery realize that they would be a better sell to the public if their breasts were a little bigger or their noses were a bit smaller. Some aging actors simply want to preserve their image to their fans. These celebs attribute their improved looks to diet, and exercise to avert the fact that they had work done but honestly, do we really mind? It’s all entertainment…

Nicki Minaj

• When we discovered Nicki

• Her rapping was a knock out

• And to match her stardom

• She started to look like one, too

Angeline Jolie

• Angie was stunning to begin with

• And we know how mind-blowing she is now

• Can you spot the difference?

Blake Lively

• Blake’s made denial after denial

• But we’ve seen the “Adjustments”

• Hollywood can pressure a woman to make!

Ariana Grande

• Her cute-as-a-button nose

• Is part of Ariana’s adorable persona

• But has it always been the same?

Megan Fox

• Sometimes

• The denial is absolutely futile

• And we don’t even recognize the star

• as the same person

• After going under the knife

Jennifer Lopez

• Being accused everything

• from boob to butt jobs

• Lopez still strongly denies plastic surgery

• What do you think?