Celebrities Men Would Go Gay For


One of the benefits of society’s increasing openness about sexuality means that as a straight guy, you can more easily admit to your man-crushes. Admit it, for decades you were just a little jealous of your girl friends who could openly swoon over your favourite male celebrities. Thankfully, times have changed and it’s time to lay out in the open the celebrities who get your motor running!

Whether you are crushing on this celeb for their chiseled body, enormous talent or sense of humour, this list will give you a chance to expand your man-crush horizons. Respecting and even coveting another man’s good looks should no longer be a thing of shame! This is the 21st century, we have smart cars and smartphones, society won’t collapse if you have a crush on some sexy man meat.

So get comfortable, why not slip into a warm bubble bath with some scented candles before pressing play? It’s time to unveil which celebrities straight men would go gay for, the answers will surprise and entice you!

David Beckham

• Beckham’s astonishing looks

• And sex appeal

• strike Men and women alike

Justin Bieber

• People love to hate Bieber

• But you’ve gotta admit

• He looks fine in Calvin Klein

Mario Lopez

• Many of us have been crushing

• On him since Saved by the Bell

• Just look at those dimples!

Daniel Craig

• By far the hottest Bond

• We’d take a sip of his martini

• Shaken or stirred!

Ryan Gosling

• For many straight guys

• Ryan’s performance in Drive

• Was the birth of the ultimate guy-crush

Idris Elba

• The real reason

• Idris wasn’t chosen as Bond

• Is that he’s TOO sexy