Celebrities Caught Cheating With The Help


It’s hardly a secret to any woman that men can be easily lead astray. Eve probably didn’t really had to put a lot of effort into convincing Adam to do her bidding, and they had quite a bit more at stake than the average married couple. While men are truly great at any number of things, most stumble when it comes to that sassy little vixen known as temptation. Which is why most women would agree that when you require a nanny, it’s probably prudent to choose function over form. Yet a few of these Hollywood moms threw caution to wind when selecting their childcare providers; leaving the rest of us scratching our heads wondering “What did you think was going to happen?”

Gavin Rossdale

Bush front-man Rossdale was married to Gwen Stefani for 13 years.

Stefani divorced him after learning the nanny was taking care of more than just the kids.

Rossdale apparently re-hired the nanny to stick it to Stefani one last time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

California’s former Governator and Mr. Universe was married to Maria Shriver for 25 years.

Schwarzenegger has a son with his housekeeper and has beensupporting him for 17 years.

Ethan Hawke

Hawke and wife Uma Thurman divorced after six years.

She’s convinced Hawkes had an affair with nanny Ryan Shawhughes despite his denial.

His marriage to Shawhughes in 2008 does little to support his claims.

Jude Law

Law was engaged to Sienna Miller when he also ‘engaged’ with nanny Daisy Wright.

Law publically apologized to Sienna for the month long affair.

But Law later blamed Sienna, claiming “if she is not partying, she is sleeping”.

Ben Affleck

Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner split after news of his affair with the help.

Their nanny ended her own engagement because she was in love with Ben.

Affleck denied the affair until coming clean with an apology to Jen.