Celebrites Who Live With Physical Deformities


When most people think of television and movie stars, their minds immediately go to model-esque good looks, toned and flawless bodies and perfect features. However, the reality is, while celebrities are definitely usually good-looking, there are many stars who are less than perfect, and even a few who have abnormalities which would be considered bizarre and rare amongst the regular population. From injuries to freakish birth defects, from life-threatening conditions to fairly benign anomalies, celebrities all over Hollywood are not as flawless as we think.

Charmingly, the majority of these celebrities have few reservations about displaying or discussing those unusual features that make them unique. Only a few examples of celebrities who don’t like to discuss them come to mind. Tina Fey, for example, is reticent to discuss the grisly story behind the scar below her lip, and rightfully so. Her autobiography, “Bossypants”, is the only place where she has discussed it. Others, like pop star Lily Allen, shocked a Dutch TV audience by revealing a third nipple. “Two and a Half Men” star and Hollywood lothario Ashton Kutcher once stripped off his shoes and socks to exhibit his webbed toes to British TV host Jonathan Ross. When the host called them “freaky,” Ashton replied in characteristic self-important fashion: “When everything looks this good, something’s got to be messed up!”

You may be surprised to learn of the abnormalities of some of your favorite celebrities, including the ones that follow. There are more than you might think, and a few of them have some truly interesting and harrowing stories behind them. In this video, we will take a closer look at those celebrities, giving you a brief explanation about their conditions or deformities, their causes, if any, and the effect that they have on their lives.

Megan Fox

Fox was born with a condition called brachydactyly

Her thumbs are very short and wide, making her fingers look like toes

She joked to Jay Leno that it was because ‘mom ate tuna every day’ while pregnant

Jennifer Garner

The newly single Jennifer Garner has what is known as brachymetatarsia

One or more toe bones are abnormally short, normally affecting the fourth toe

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin was born with a cleft pallet

The surgery scar still remains on his lip

His mild form of cleft lip is overshadowed by his acting chops

Stephen Colbert

The Late Show host had a tumor removed in his youth

As a result, he has an undersized right ear

“They removed everything with a melon baller,” Colbert joked to David Letterman

Harry Styles

The One Direction hunk has not three, but four nipples

“I don’t look like a cow or anything,” he says

Styles is is frequently seen shirtless, unafraid to embrace his flaw

Karolina Kurkova

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Kurkova has no belly button

She suffered an umbilical hernia at birth

Belly button or no belly button, Karolina still looks great on the catwalk

Vince Vaughn

Teenage Vince lost the tip of his right thumb in a car accident

The comedian refers to his thumb as a “pen*s with a fingernail” …Sexy!

Gerard Butler

Gerard developed an ear infection as a child that later required surgery

He lost half his ability to hear and has an asymmetrical right ear

He actually didn’t notice it was lopsided until shaving his head for Tomb Raider