BTS Members Reimagined As Cartoons


If you aren’t already familiar with Kpop sensation BTS, get ready, cause you will be soon. Bursting onto the scene in 2013, BTS has finally reached the states. Trending worldwide for some time the group became more visible in the U.S. after becoming the first Kpop group ever to win a Billboard Music Award in May of 2017.

Winning fans over with not only their music but with their affable and relatable personalities have played a huge part in their success. Garnering over 10 million Twitter followers and more than a billion combined views of their official videos you could definitely say BTS is taking over.

When we discovered that fans and artists alike were turning this talented septet into cartoons we had to see what all the hype was about, and of course, share it with you.

Jungkook, the youngest member of the group is a big-time gamer. He's shared numerous videos of himself playing his favorite games, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. Being reimagined as a cartoon character is probably a dream come true for him. Check out the video to see if you think he looks as good as a cartoon as we do.

You'll also get to see our favorite ray of sunshine, J-Hope. Have the artists done a good job making sure his energy radiates through even when he is a cartoon? Hop on over to The Talko and check out BTS members reimagined as cartoons to find out. We promise you won't be disappointed!