Bodybuilders Whose MUSCLES EXPLODED During Workouts


Every single day, we use so many muscles without even thinking about it. We use muscles to climb the stairs, to make our breakfast, to get into bed at night and even to keep us breathing. We have so many muscles, in fact, that we don’t even really think about using them anymore, it just happens automatically.

However, there are a few muscles that we can choose to think about and invest our time and energy in. If you’ve got an interest in fitness, chances are you enjoy watching your muscles grow. It’s always exciting to realize you can lift a heavier weight or carry out a few more reps, but not everyone does so sensibly. Sure, you can eat as much protein as you like and spend hours warming up or cooling down, but at the end of the day, your muscles have a limit. And that’s what these bodybuilders need to learn.

We’ve put together a list of 10 bodybuilders who took their lifting far too far, and suffered exploded muscles as a result. During this video, you’ll hear about two lifters whose hearts actually exploded due to working out too hard, called Edouard 'Spyk' Gheur and Andrej Gajdos. You can learn about those who have injured less important muscles than her heart, like Eric Graves and Branch Warren, but who have still had to give up lifting due to their excessive weight lifting habits. Aside these lifters, keep watching to hear the scary stories of lifters like Scott Mendelson, Ron Noreman, Gregg Valentine and more.