Body Features Only 1% Of People Have


When you picture the typical human body, we all probably think up the same image. A body with symmetrical face complete with all the usual features. Then there are two arms, two legs with a bunch of fingers and toes. Pretty standard, right? Well, watch this video and see that there’s a tiny percentage of people around the world who actually stand out because they have extra or different body features. We’ll begin with a man in China who had a nose growing on his forehead. In India, Deepak Paswaan was born with extra arms and legs protruding from his body. In Thailand, a woman named Duangjay made news with her incredibly large hands. We’ll then show you the story of Didier Montalvo who was born with an incredible birth mark. Cat got your tongue? It would take some cat to get the tongue of Adrianne Lewis. Over in China we’ll look at Wang Cheng who suffers from two enormous legs. In India, we’ll look at a couple of people who are fascinating their neighbors thanks to their rather long tails. Check your ears for extra holes because it turns out 1% of people have a tiny little left-over thanks to evolution. Then there’s Kangkang, a child in China who was born with a rare condition that makes it appear that he’s wearing a mask over his real face. Finally, we’ll stop off in India one more time to visit a World Record holder who is famous for having 34 fingers and toes. Wow!