Best Fidget Spinner Hacks You Need To Try


Fidget spinners have become the latest hit, and their popularity is still growing! People are scrounging local toy stores and drug stores all over the world for their chance to get a spinner. By the time the holidays come around, there’s no telling just how popular these spinners will become. As we know with economics, the more popular something becomes, the higher the price gets. When this happens, one may not want to pay for said product. But luckily for those who have a budget in mind, the world of fidget spinners is still accessible because they can be made out of almost any material. From legos, pennies, polymer clay, bearings, and even cardboard, making a fidget spinner may take some time, but the reward is great! With the right tools, you can even make a fidget spinner out of stuff in your garage. All you need is something in the middle to make it spin along with weighted ends to make it spin fast.

In this video, we’re going to introduce to you the best fidget spinner hacks you need to try! These hacks aren’t even that difficult, and some only require some glue and something sharp to make a hole with. If you’re handy with tools and you feel inspired to make your own fidget spinner, there’s no telling what you could make if you use your imagination. Your fidget spinner hack could even be the next big thing! Just make sure you do some sort of patent or copyright before someone else steals your design!