Behind The Scene SECRETS Disneyland Doesn't Want You To Know


Going to the Disneyland parks when you were younger was one of the most exciting ways to spend a few days. Countless rides, incredible animals and as much fast food as you could eat. Most of us have at least a few fond memories of rollercoasters and smiling photos with Mickey and friends.

When you were a kid you probably didn’t even realize that your favourite cartoon characters were actually just normal people dressed up. Now that you’re older, you’re obviously aware of that fact, but today, we’ve put together a list of 10 facts about Disneyland that you might not have even considered. We’ll be telling you all the requirements needed to become a fulltime Disney princess. You’ll learn what the strange, two fingered point that employees do means, and we’ll teach you some of their secret key phrases as well.

Aside this, we’ll be telling you some weird facts about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the reason why the Animal Kingdom is so hot, and the difficulties behind what a Disney character must do if they fall ill on a shift. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll give you one more secret: we’ll be telling you exactly what it means if a member of staff tells you to ‘have a Disney day’ – and it’s not half as friendly as you might think.