Behind The Scene Facts On The VOICE You Didn't Know About


Tuning in for the latest episode of The Voice is the closest that most of us will ever get to having a successful musical career. We love the concept of someone working hard, and letting their talent shine through at auditions. And then, being able to appear on the show and have a celebrity actually take the time to coach you and invest in your musical career? It sounds like an absolute dream come true, and we love watching the process start to finish. But there are a shocking number of things going on behind the scenes that most of us don’t know about. Although we make an effort to watch the show live, it turns out that we may be watched more pre-recorded moments than we thought. Even the audition process is far more complex and in depth than we were aware of. In addition to the countless rounds of auditions, tireless preparation, and sleepless nights, you might get eliminated because the show simply ran out of time. And while your personality, rather than your talent, can determine which season you end up on, your on screen personality is totally subjected to the whims of the producers. It turns out that the contract contestants sign before appearing on the show is kind of daunting to say the least. Many of us love seeing the celeb coaches, but it turns out that some of them may not be living up to the title of “coach.”