Awesome Things You'll Only See In Zero Gravity


Outer space has long dazzled humanity with its mysterious dark look and strange physical properties. When you think of space, images from Star Wars of flying spaceships and laser blasters no doubt cross your mind. This is the consequence of a century long rise of science fiction in our culture. In turn, these dreams of galaxies far far away have inspired many to study the laws governing space.

As you probably know, there is no gravity in outer space, which means you could probably even pick up Thor’s hammer if there were any notion of direction in space. This entails that some events that would never happen on Earth could actually occur in outer space. After all, how surprised can you be that you can reach light speed in space and grow a couple of inches when you take into account that there are black holes flying around in the galaxy.

Whilst astronauts are for now the only humans to have experienced the awesome phenomenon of space, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are all working on democratizing space and related activities. You therefore should be familiar with the cool stuff you can only do in space.

Balls Of Fire

Flames rise on Earth but spread from the source in space

This is due to a pressure difference and the hot air expanding

there is no oxygen to burn in space but this still occurs in zero gravity

Static Electricity = Gravity

Where there’s no gravity, static electricity can replace it

Rubbing a pen with cloth for a while makes the pen attract water droplets

static electricity is a force similar to gravity


You can’t see water’s surface tension at play in Earth’s gravity

Remove gravity and water maintains its cohesiveness

This means you can shape water into anything you like