Awesome Things To Do When You're Dead


Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you can’t do something fun! Why simply be buried when you can be stuffed into a capsule and launched into space! Or turned into fertilizer and soil yourself! Put your body on display if you f*cking love science! You were a fun guy? Wear a mushroom suit! Have your ashes pressed as a vinyl and haunt the airwaves! Or get packed into a bullet and shot from a gun! Get yourself blown into the sky as a firework! It’s your body, your funeral! Have fun with it!

Death is not the end. Not if you are someone who likes to have the last laugh, or can’t let go before that last one good hurrah. You can opt for being jettisoned into outer space, perhaps following the trail of one of your favorite Voyager missions. You can have your body donated to science if you opt for plastination, the same process that bodies go through to be part of the world famous Bodyworlds exhibition. The choices are endless. Why have everyone you’ve ever known and loved standing around crying, wearing black outfits they only EVER wear when someone’s dead? Screw that, when you can go out in style!