Awesome DIY Lightsaber Projects


It was the most anticipated movie comeback last year. And getting the original cast members like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher to return for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a major feat. From the children who grew up pretending to be Luke Skywalker in the first of George Lucas’ Star Wars series, to recent fans dressing up in their Storm Trooper costumes, it seems that the world has gone crazy for Star Wars.

All of which explains the explosion of videos and websites online feeding into the hype. There are sites devoted to trivia and little known facts for fans of the movies, home movies where people reenact scenes from the series and many, many videos that show you how to make your own Star Wars costumes, or lightsabers. Here are some of the best and most popular of the videos showing you how to make a lightsaber from stuff you’ll find around the house, or from stuff you can pick up at the hardware store. A word of caution; unless you’re a pyrotechnics expert don’t try the Real Burning Lightsaber at home.

Kylo Ren Lightsaber – Homemade How-To

Cut the handle off a plastic toy golf club and glue it to a flashlight

Transfer shiny material from the inside of magic light wands into a watergun tube

Finish off with turkey basters, razor handles and spray paint

Real Burning Lightsaber – Sufficiently Advanced

An ignition used for fireworks is taken apart and the valve removed

It gets filled with a fuel mixture and the valve reattached

Test outdoors – if you’re crazy enough

Original Lightsaber – Shanks FX

The original Star Wars used a Graflex flashgun as the handle

Shanx uses a 3-sided stick covered in reflective tape for the beam effects

Add a motor to create a pulsating effect and you’re ready for battle

Super Easy Kylo Ren Lightsaber – Tony D

Tony D made this super easy lightsaber for his 3-year-old son

He uses PVC tubes and a four-way connector to make a cross-handle

It’s painted silver and the beam covered with reflective tape

Home Depot Lightsaber – HappyTrooperDotCom

Disassembling a sink drain kit and gluing parts together also works

Using tape and a coupler to secure, long PVC pipe is pushed into the hilt

It’s a prop, but add reflective tape to the blade

And you’ll have a pretty cool lightsaber!