Athletes Whose Intimate Photos Were Leaked


No matter how careful you are about privacy settings, there’s always a way to leak your information. In terms of celebrities, they fall victim to nude leaks more often than not. Considering the advancements of the Internet and technology altogether, pesky hackers will always find a way to invade the privacy of famous people, which often leads to some racy pictures surfacing on the web. The same can be said for athletes, who also endure the same fate as actors or pop stars. When it comes to a specific bunch of athletes, some have embraced seeing their private parts surface on the Internet, while others haven’t taken too kindly to their nude photos being passed around the globe. Regardless of the situation, it’s a pretty unfortunate instance for anyone. Here’s what happened to these 10 athletes, and fortunately, it didn’t do too much to their blossoming careers:

-Olympic athlete McKayla Maroney found her nude photos making the rounds on Twitter.

-Hope Solo, of the U.S. Women’s national soccer team, suffered from the famous 2014 iCloud hack.

-Soccer star Pedro Gonzalez was caught in the flesh with a bunch of friends taking part in an all-nude yacht party in 2009.

– Lebron James was caught with his pants down while readjusting his trunks during a game on national television.

-Olympic pole vaulter Andrew Zollner had six different nude photos of him surface on social media.

-Justin Verlander was also part of the iCloud hacking, alongside girlfriend Kate Upton.

-NFLer Martellus Bennett had his shower pics inexplicably end up on the web.

-Former WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins felt the wrath of a former partner when photos of the naked wrestler surfaced after cheating allegations.