Amazing Ways Virtual Reality Headsets Have Evolved


As Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” asks – “is this the real life, is this just fantasy?” That’s finally a valid question to propose. The more technologically advanced our society gets, the more interconnected we become via digital rather than physical means. People choose to type their conversations instead of sharing face-to-face exchanges, purchases are made on Amazon rather than at the local department store, dates are made with match-finding apps rather than chance encounters in public. Even television, once the decried by critics as the end of civilization-as-we-know-it is now competing in a losing battle against smaller and portable screens. All the while, the internet-of-things stimulates us more than the surrounding world. Why wake up in the same bedroom every morning, eat in the same kitchen every meal and work in the same office every weekday when you can keep things thrilling in environment carefully curated by programmers and developers.

Virtual reality is here to stay, and while it can invoke scary dystopian comparisons to science fiction horror stories like The Matrix, technological changes can also provide us with some positive changes to our everyday lives. This will change the way you think about your personal health, entertainment, childhood development and education, historical immersion, military training and national defense, business practices, construction and architecture, vehicular testing, vacation planning and everyday life. The future is coming so fast it’s almost too much to comprehend, but TheHub is here to give you an idea of the Amazing Ways Virtual Reality Headsets Have Evolved and what that means for you!