Amazing Stories Of People Who Travelled Around The World


There’s wanderlust, and then there’s what these people did. Here are six folks who traveled all around the world, literally. The amazing part about each person’s story is the record they’ve set throughout their journey. You’ll learn about the teens who flew and sailed solo around the globe, the grandmother who nailed it on her third try, and newlyweds who stuck together through a 675-day adventure. Warning: TheRichest is not responsible for any travels you undertake as a result of this post. Unless they turn out awesome.

Laura Dekker

Dekker was only 13 when she decided she would sail the world but the Netherlands’ government made her wait. So she took off almost immediately when she was legally ‘allowed’ at age 15 in 2010. Dekker’s journey made her the youngest person to sail solo around the world.

Matt Guthmiller

American Guthmiller is the youngest person to fly solo around the world at age 19. He snagged the record from a young man only ten days older than him. Gunthmiller spent 180 hours in a single-engine plane, making 23 stops in 15 countries.

Anne & Mike Howard

Newlyweds Anne + Mike honeymooned in 33 countries in 675 days. Their voyage of a lifetime cost them only £50 per day. The Howards went for safaris, skiing, scuba dives and more than 200,000 photographs.

Jeanne Socrates

Socrates is the oldest woman to have sailed around the world alone. At age 70, her successful 2013 trip was her third attempt. “Who else would be crazy enough to do it?” asks Socrates.

Gerry Hughes

Hughes is the first deaf person to have sailed around the world alone. His boat lost battery power more than once and he resorted to using an oil lamp. Hughes even survived his boat capsizing at one point.