Amazing People Who Rescued Wild Animals


All too often, we hear about how cruel the human race can be to some of the world’s most helpless animals, but if we just take the time to look a little further, there are thousands of heroes out there who have risked their lives to help creatures both great and small.

Without the inspiring and life risking actions of these selfless animal lovers, these helpless animals would have faced certain death after staring some of the world’s scariest disasters right in the eye. These individuals are showing us just how to give back all that love we receive on a daily basis from animals all over the world.

Whether they’re braving severe storms or swimming through scarily high flood waters, by risking their own lives in seriously dangerous situations, these beautiful stories of kindness will restore your faith in humanity.

Stephen Peterson

Stephen Peterson recorded himself in Sign Language that he was about to rescue a deer.

He pulled the deer out of frozen water after it fell through the ice.

After pulling her free, he named her “Miss Ice River”.

Adam Warwick

A black bear fell into Florida waters after being tranquilized.

Adam Warwick dove in to save the dangerous animal at risk of drowning.

He incredibly managed to pull the 400lb bear to safety.

Dr. Brian Thompson

Dr. Brian Thompson took his life-saving skills underwater.

He was diving in Costa Rica when he spotted a giant manta ray tangled in a fishing net.

Thompson risked his life cutting the animal free.

Lars Langøien

A Norwegian man didn’t hesitate to save a duck trapped in a frozen lake.

The duck was found upside down and stuck in a layer of ice.

Lars Langøien broke through icy water and brought the duck to safety.