Amazing Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind


Optical illusions are still entertaining no matter how old we are. As a child or as an adult, you can still spend hours trying to dissect and understand some of the most trickiest illusions in the world. They will make your brain and your eyes play tricks on you, and they may eventually make you go absolutely nuts, but that doesn’t stop us from viewing them!

Everyone perceives optical illusions differently depending on how their brain works, like this checkered shadow illusion. The checkered board has squares labeled with A and B, as well as a green cylinder sitting in the top right corner. At first, it appears that square A is much darker than square B, but as with most optical illusions, this is simply not the case. When two vertical lines of the same shade of gray are drawn on the board, it becomes apparent that both squares A and B are actually the same color. It’s absolutely mind-boggling.

Another optical illusion that uses color to trick our brains is this photo of two squares that appear to be different shades of gray. Use your finger as a guide and place it in the shaded area in between the two squares. As your finger breaks up the image, you will see that the squares are indeed the same dark shade of gray.

An optical illusion that has been fooling us for centuries is the Hering illusion. In this geometrical illusion, the two red lines appear to have a slight bend towards the center. But if you use your finger as a guide, and place it up against one of the red lines, you will see that they’re actually completely straight without a bend in sight! Are you amazed yet?

An illusion that has been recreated with various different faces is the portrait illusion. There are two ways for your mind and eyes to perceive this image. It will either appear to be a man staring directly at you, or it will appear as if he’s standing to the side. Do you see him forward-facing or are you looking at his profile? We can’t tell either!

Here’s an optical illusion that will really trip you out. It’s an image of an elephant, and when asked to count how many legs it has, you will be stumped. Upon closer inspection, the back leg is the only leg that is correctly drawn in this optical illusion. The rest of the legs on this elephant are actually missing a foot. Do you see it now? We’ve noticed that the longer we stare at this

Which of these optical illusions blew your mind?