Amazing Hidden Swimming Pools You Never Knew Existed


As those hot summer months continue to creep closer and closer, a whole lot of us start to daydream about relaxing near the water without a care in the world. Maybe it’s already the summer time, and you’re hosting an outdoor event on your stone patio, and everyone’s having a great time. There’s food and music, and pretty much everything you’d want at a summertime cookout. Everything except a nice relaxing pool! Well luckily for you, in this video we explore some of the most amazing hidden pool systems on the market today. Applications of these pools like range from the DIY sliding grass pools, all the way to magnificent glimmering pools surrounded by opulent marble stone work that seem to appear out of thin air in some of world's most fabulous mansions made by twinscape pools or invisipools. Man made pools not your thing? Well we’ve got you covered, because in this list, we also explore some of the most gorgeous natural hidden swimming pools in the world. Formed through various processes like volcanic tunneling, or oceanic erosion, these gorgeous swim spots are sure to impress any and all that come to visit. Check out some incredible spots like To Sua Ocean Trench in American Samoa, Falls of Lana in Salisbury Vermont and Homestead Crater, in Midway Utah. We even explore an absolutely insane artificial man-made mountain built right on top of an apartment building in beijing China! Join TheHub as we explore some of the world’s most amazing hidden swimming pools that you may have never known existed!