Amazing Hidden Pools You Never Knew Existed


We all love cooling down when the weather gets hot. Sure, it’s tempting to stay inside and blast the air conditioning while catching up on the latest from TheRichest, but sometimes it’s also nice to go for a swim as well. It’s always so disappointing when you get to your favorite swimming spot only to find that it’s been overrun with other people who had the same great idea that you did. Avoid the summer rush by learning about ten amazing hidden pools you never knew existed. If you get nervous when you can’t see your feet because of all the sediment, check out the Poco Azul on a sunny day. The waters will shine crystal clear, allowing an amazing view of the surrounding cave formations. If you want to avoid human swimmers but are open to aquatic companions, why not take a dip in Jellyfish Lake? If you want to go swimming and aren’t afraid of the water being too cold, head over to Scotland to swim in the gorgeous Fairy Pools. For the even more brave at heart, we’ll show you the Devil’s Pool which may make your heart race just by seeing pictures of it! Hawaii is a popular tourist destination, but many get lost on their way to the beautiful and secluded tidal pool known as the Queen’s Bath. Not only does its name literally mean “hidden,” but Tinago Falls also has a secret cave for those brave enough to seek it out.