Amazing Fidget Spinners You Need To See


Fidget spinners are awesome little devices that you can take with you anywhere-well, almost anywhere if your school has banned them! They help relieve your nervous energy and gives you an easy and effective outlet for it. But there are so many different kinds of spinners out there that it can get really confusing. Do you want plastic or metal? Dual-bar or tri-bar? And those options are just the beginning. In this video we’ll skip straight past the basics and show you the most amazing fidget spinners out there. If you’re a little shy about using yours in public, you might want to option for the Stealth model. It’s so sleek and silent, it’s too bad it’s not actually shaped like a real ninja tool. But if you’re not afraid of making a little noise, or a lot, we also have a spinner that you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. The Rotablade is great at spinning, but that’s not all. This handy spinner has many uses in your everyday life as well. Rotablade also makes a pendulum which spins in patterns that are unlike any you’ve seen on a traditional spinner! For something else out of the ordinary, check out the Orbiter which is actually made of two pieces, one of which is a rare Earth magnet. And check out the incredible variety of Ultraspinners, one of which might look awfully familiar if you’re a fan of a particular magical franchise. Should you find yourself overwhelmed as a spinner novice, we even have a virtual spinner that you can use to practice online.