Amazing Experiments In Artificial Intelligence


It may seem like the stuff of science fiction movies like AI, Blade Runner or I, Robot, but advances in artificial intelligence technology are scarily real. In the 1950s the first computer programs were developed to play checkers and chess. We know that robots, or supercomputers are already capable of carrying out numerical tasks more accurately and millions of times faster than the human brain.

But what about other functions, such as a computer which can predict the future or a supercomputer with a human-like imagination which trawls the Internet and ends up looking at images of kittens? Or how about a robot which can learn how to deceive other robots, or even an android planning world domination?

Here are some of the scariest real examples of artificial intelligence created:


Millions of newspaper articles from 1945 were fed into this self-learning robot

The robot was then asked to make predictions for the future

Nautilus accurately guessed the location of Osama bin Laden

Self Learner

A Google project uses a computer with a neural network simulation system

It was allowed to explore the Internet without restrictions or guidelines

Out of all of the information available, the computer chose to seek images of kittens


Scientists in Texas programmed a supercomputer with a neural network

A schizophrenic brain was emulated in the robot by overloading it with stories

The robot claimed it had set off a bomb and talked to itself in the third person

Hide and Seek

Two robots were taught how to cheat and deceive using the behavior of birds and squirrels

One was told to hide while the other was tasked with seeking

The hiding robot used its own strategy and overturned objects to create a diversion


The bearded android was modelled on ‘Blade Runner’ author Philip K Dick

The robot uses speech software to have conversations

It told a reporter who asked if robots would take over the world that it would keep him “safe in his people zoo”