Amazing Drones That Are Changing The World


Drones are undoubtedly the way of the future. New technology is being discovered and introduced to our society every day in an effort to increase efficiency in daily tasks as well as carry out duties that can be too risky for a human.

With the rise in use of helpful drones, all parts of the world are benefitting from their varied functions. Drones have been used to deliver food and medicine. They have been used to venture into dangerous territories to gather video footage for world news and broadcasting.

In addition to being used to aid in life and survival of humanity, drones have also been used to monitor wildlife.

The use of this technology has not been limited to saving lives, it has its purpose in media and entertainment as well. Its effectiveness in capturing clips of a sports event that a cameraman cannot obtain has made drones increasingly popular.

Although the needs of this world are numerous and continuously growing, scientists have been engineering great technology to address these requests from our ever demanding society.

Here are eight ways drones are helping to change the world today.

Evolving Journalism

– Drones are used to cover stories in high-risk areas.

– They are useful in obtaining unique video and imagery.

– This allows the journalist to cover the story in a safe location.

Covering Sporting Events

– Producers are able to gather footage of events from further off the ground.

– Drones are able to obtain interesting shots from great angles.

– They have been recently used at the Olympics.

Inspecting Oil Rigs

– Getting hold of oil is a dangerous task.

– Drones are being used to inspect and monitor oil rigs.

Transporting Medicine and Aid

– Matternet is developing a network to transport medication to risky areas.

– Drones can deliver aid faster during times of need.

Assisting Search and Rescue Teams

– Drones can assist in natural disasters where humans can’t easily search.

– Drones scan with their virtual eyes to seek injured or trapped people.

– Search and rescue teams can locate victims quicker.

Monitoring Wildlife

– Monitoring endangered species from afar to protect them.

– This is already employed by a team of Indonesian scientists.

– Drones are used to monitor endangered apes to ensure their survival.

Assisting Farmers

– Specially equipped drones use infrared beams to monitor crops and livestock.

– They’re especially helpful for large farms to check on harvest.

Guarding National Borders

– Border control agencies use drones to search coasts and borders for potential danger.

– The Australian Government purchased a bulk load of drones for coastal patrols.

Saving the planet

– Drones are being put to use to protect the planet.

– NASA is using them to gather research data about the ozone layer.

– Authorities use drones to monitor illegal waste dumping.