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Amazing Apple Roses


The perfect Valentine’s treat for your special someone!
Tasty, healthy and good for breakfast or dessert, here’s the recipe for this beautiful dish:

The Assembly
Flatten puff pastry and cut into 2×10 inch wide strips.
Coat strips in Strawberry Jam.
Cut apples into super thin wedges.
Micro-wave wedges for 2 minutes.
Stick apple wedges along the pastry longways, sticking the round side out the top a little bit.
Fold the bottom edge of the pastry up so the round edge of the apple remains sticking out.
Roll the pastry from end to end into a rose shape.

The Bake
Put the rolled up apple rose into a muffin tray.
Bake for 15-20 minutes at 350 F.

Impress the heck out of your date ;)