Advanced Robot Animals You Need To See To Believe


Humankind has a shaky relationship with robots at best. In pop culture, from Frankenstein to Ex Machina, the creators and their creations usually meet tragic ends. While scientists mean well when they try to create the latest thinking machines to handle human jobs better than the humans themselves, the idea is usually met with trepidation by the general public. Will these robots be able to put the same work ethic into their tasks as the homosapiens before them? If they start replacing organisms, what happens next? Unfortunately, these are some questions to which we won’t have answers for a long time. In the meantime, we can be shocked and awed by the crazy new developments coming out of bionics laboratories worldwide. Whether you’re creeped out or excited by the technological advancements of our not-so-distant future, here are some Advanced Robot Animals You Need To See To Believe.

TheHub is taking you on an unnatural safari, where familiar body parts like arms and legs are mixed together with scanners and wires and microchips. Combined, they create a sci-fi menagerie of robotic wonders that can run, jump and swim almost as good as the real things. Check out these mechanical replacements of bees, hummingbirds, giraffes, fish, octopi, butterflies, monkeys, stingrays, ants and kangaroos. You may have the latest computer with the highest amount of RAM, but these bionic animals have the power to actually ram.