Adult Performers Fired From Their Day Jobs


Let’s face it: man and woman alike we all watch porn. For the obvious reasons we watch it to get turned on, for laughs, or for, oh yes, educational purposes. Our sexual behavior is often most enjoyed in the dark, under the covers in a closed room with an intimate partner. But sometimes sex is so good and so empowering that some people want to share, publicly how they sexually perform. These people have day jobs and sex acts that are shared online lacks the intimacy and love that we often want our sexual acts to be intertwined with. Pornography’s function is often crude brinking on a desperation that we don’t care to admit having when there’s nobody to go bumping into the night with. So when you realize someone you worked with has been in a porn- what’s the reaction? Chances are day life is too boring and this was the best way to act out.

The reaction often isn’t good and these examples are stories of people who wanted to show themselves in the act that have gotten fired from their day jobs. Sometimes we just need to express ourselves physically, but starring in porn can often implicate a sexual narcissism that make us feel conflicted and uncomfortable. The following people may or may not have regretted being fired from their day jobs, but one thing we know for sure, their enjoying their night activities- and they want you to too.

Tera Myers

• Tera Myers did porn before college

• Then quietly took a job

• As a high school teacher and volleyball coach

• Her videos were discovered

• And she was fired

Samantha Ardente

• Ardente was a school administrator

• But It didn’t pay much

• when a fourteen year old student

• Discovered her clip

• she also got the ax

Kristin Sundman

• Kristin Sundman taught band

• Though she was Better known as MelodyXXXtune

• Her clips were found

• And she quietly stepped down from her job

• When she was told it wasn’t good character

Ceska Lipa

• Ceska Lipa quickly learned

• that Czech teachers aren’t paid well

• when her fifteen year old students found her online

• Their parents demanded her termination

Stacie Halas

• Stacie Halas was a porn starlet by night

• But a teacher by day

• She lost all respect when found out

• And was told she was unsuited for her job