Actresses Who Would Be Awesome As Tomb Raider


We all know gamers and their love for living vicariously as the protagonist that is running through dungeons and castles, through fantasy lands and fighting fantasy villains. Lara Croft, one of the sexiest protagonists in the video game industry is the character that helped over 45 million copies of the video game get sold worldwide. She’s sexy, she’s fearless, she’s unstoppable and men and women love to steer her through mysterious tombs loaded with different weapons including guns that never run out of ammunition. She’s proof that we love beauty, courage and capability at the same time. Angeline Jolie was the perfect fit for the movie franchise- she’s known to be adventurous, brave and definitely sexy and beautiful. But who’s going to play her next?

New writers are on board and the movie has been in talk for a remake for a long time now… but who could play our heroine? Here are some ideas and each idea comes with a different reason- and all of it right now figuring out who you want, and how you want our dear Lara Croft to be.

Emma Watson

• Venturing through the Harry Potter series

• fans have grown up with Emma

• A proud feminist and beautiful woman

• Lara would fit well with Emma’s newer mature roles

Emilia Clarke

• As Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys

• And Khaleesi in Game of Thrones

• We already know Emilia would rock

• As the tough brit with grit

Daisy Ridley

• Daisy’s proven herself as a breakout star

• As Rey In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

• Even if she’s quite petite

• Daisy can fill some big shoes

Gemma Arterton

• Gemma handles weapons and action

• Like an amazon

• Strap her with Lara’s guns and wit

• And we’d have a hardcore heroine for sure

Margot Robbie

• Margot’s landed big roles

• playing against Leo The Wolf (of wall street)

• and as femme fatale Harley Quinn

• The sexy and exciting Australian

• Would bring a badass edge to the Tomb Raider