Actors Who Would Make Perfect Disney Princesses


It seems like every day Disney is announcing a new live action remake of our favorite Disney classics. So, we thought we would take the pressure off them, and help cast some of their most iconic roles! From an already Disney favorite who would make a perfect Ariel, to 2 acting sisters who are a shoe-in for Elsa and Anna, these are actors would make perfect Disney Princesses!

It seems like Lindsey Lohan has got her eyes on the role of a real life Ariel, but we aren’t convinced. Though Lohan is amazing, and is building for an incredible comeback, we think Bella Thorne would make a better fit! Not only can she rock the crimson colored hair, but she also already has troves of Disney fans. Thorne would be the perfect hipster Ariel that everyone has been dying to see!

She can sing, she can act, and she has the perfect Disney Princess aesthetics. So, it should be a no brainer that Selena Gomez would make an awesome Snow White. She herself thought so too when she reportedly auditioned for the role in “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Unfortunately the role was given to Kristen Stewart, but that still leaves Selena in the running if Disney decides to make a real life “Snow White”!

It’s been a while since Q”orianka Kilcher was cast as Pocahontas in the movie “The New World”. But, the woman still has Pocahontas’s striking features and fierce disposition. Not only can she sing and act, but she is also an activist. She even was arrested in 2010 for latching herself to the White House’s fence in a protest for Peruvian Indian’s rights. She shows that she not only has the looks of Pocahontas, but also the amazing spirit of the historical Disney Princess.

You might recognize Saleisha Stowers from America’s Next Top Model. Though she won cycle 9 of the popular show, she has set her eyes on a bigger goal. Stowers is now a successful actress in L.A., which makes her the perfect candidate for a real life Tiana! Not only are both girls beautiful, but they both have a similar story. Much like Tiana, Stowers also came from a difficult past where she had to work from the bottom to get to where she is today.

It seems that everyone is dead set on having Amanda Seyfried cast as a live action Rapunzel, but not so fast! AnnaSophie Robb, star of “The Carrie Diaries” would actually be an amazing Rapunzel. The ladies share the same heart-shaped face, wide green eyes, and even the same blonde hair! The resemblance is pretty uncanny, and we know AnnaSophia has enough spark to play the spunky Rapunzel role!

Since the movie “Frozen” hit the big screens, fans have been dream casting their perfect Elsa. But, we think we hit the nail on the head with Dakota Fanning. The woman has amazing acting chops, and when it comes to looks, she has those too! Fanning has the perfect porcelain skin, blond hair, and blue eyes to match her cartoon doppelganger Elsa.

Who else should play Elsa’s little sister Anna, other than Dakota Fanning’s real life little sister Elle Fanning? The on camera chemistry would be amazing, plus Elle resembles sweet Anna so much. From the rosy cheeks to the light freckles, Elle could pull off a perfect Anna. Not only would it be amazing to see these two sisters work together, it would probably go down in history for best Disney Princess casting ever!

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