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Actors Who Turned Down Comic Book Movies


Superhero movies are all the rage these days, no secret. Everyone and their brother/mother/dog are getting in on the action. Marvel Studios and the production team for the MCU movies are promising at least 68 characters on screen in the next Avengers instalment. It would seem that anyone who WANTED to be in a comic book movie would have a good chance to don tights and a mask. But funnily enough, there are mega-stars who have been offered the chance to play along in the fantasy comic book universe, and for one reason or another, have turned down the opportunity. Why are these celebrities declining roles in superhero movies? Watch our video Actors Who Turned Down Roles In Comic Book Movies to find out!

Matt Damon

No stranger to huge action blockbusters
Matt’s been considered
For both sides of good and evil
Declining roles as Daredevil and Two-Face
Chloe Moretz

Having come a long way from Kick-Ass
Chloe was short-listed for a young Jean Grey
Moretz turned down the X-Men role
Likely due to her jet-set schedule
Leonardo DiCaprio

After refusing the role of Robin
And passing up playing Spidey
DiCaprio doesn’t rule out playing a hero
Wonder who he’s holding out for?
Emily Blunt

Blunt was once the first choice
In the running for Black Widow
But being incredibly busy
she sadly (for us) had to pass
Tom Cruise

Cruise lost interest in Iron Man
rejecting an early script
after years of being attached
as the potential Tony Stark
Paul Walker

Much loved all-american Paul Walker
when offered to play Clark Kent
knew he wouldn’t want to be remembered
As another ‘Superman’
Although he just might have been perfect