Actors Who Amazingly Almost Died On Set


There are very real risks when shooting movies. Actors can get hurt performing stunts, they can fall ill in the harsh surroundings in which the film is shooting, or freak accidents can cause harm, such as falling lights or other equipment. Sometimes the actors do pass away tragically, but other times, our favorite stars live to tell the tale, likely winding it into some late night anecdote while promoting a new project. Here’s a look at Actors Who Amazingly Almost Died On Set.

Michael J Fox in Back To The Future 3

Fox wanted a stunt to look real

and hanged unconscious for 30 seconds

before anyone noticed

Isla Fisher in Now You See Me

Isla was underwater for over two minutes

panicking when she realized

she might drown in a swimming costume

Sylvester Stallone

Sly and Dolph actually traded blows

and asking to be punched as hard as possible

Rocky spent a week in the hospital with a swollen heart

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence hacked and gagged

on thick smoke in a tunnel scene

feeling nausea and vertigo

Charlize Theron

Charlize broke her neck doing a backflilp

She spent only five days in the hospital

Returning to shoot six weeks later

Jason Statham

Like the stuntman he is

Statham dove from a truck with faulty brakes

Before being dragged sixty feet into the black sea