Actors Rejected By Hollywood: Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel leads a charmed life being married to Justin Timberlake and having a beautiful son, but since Hollywood rejected her, the professional side hasn’t been looking too great. Jessica had the makings of being a big star, but various obstacles got in her way. Things like beauty, being sexy and even being fit. Yes really. All of these reasons for being rejected by Hollywood reportedly came straight from Jessica’s mouth. And then there’s the competition from “top tier” actresses and the bad choices she’s made when it comes to projects. These are just some of the reasons Hollywood won’t cast Jessica Biel in great movies any more.

Jessica started out in TV show ‘7th Heaven’ and was said to be worried about being typecast as the good girl. So starring in something like ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ was a wise move. And going on to star in serious movies like ‘The Illusionist’ also had a positive effect on her career. But she failed to capitalize on her successes, and instead let money be a motivating factor for some of her choices. From ‘Total Recall’ to ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry’, Jessica starred in some seriously bad movies. She even admitted to making decisions based on being able to pay the rent. And that’s fair enough. But when you start racking up Razzie nominations rather than Oscars nods, you know your career isn’t going in the right direction.

There were other actresses getting the attention of the right awards ceremonies who were in direct competition with Jessica. And they were the ones who were getting the big roles. Anne Hathaway is said to have beaten Jessica to not one but two coveted parts, in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Les Misérables’. Jessica has been honest about wanting to land the kinds of parts that Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson get offered. But something’s standing in her way. And it’s not just those other actresses. According to Jessica, it’s her looks.

She’s spoken in interviews about how her good looks have held her back from getting the best parts. And it’s claimed she’s even gone on to say she didn’t get offered rom com roles because she’s too fit, and is therefore not considered to be funny too. Who knew that being beautiful and fit could be such disadvantages? And you know those Sexiest Woman accolades? They’ve been problematic too. And being married to Justin Timberlake hasn’t helped either. So it’s no wonder she’s now focusing on other areas of her life.

Watch our video to discover some theories as to why Jessica is one of the actresses rejected by Hollywood, and let us know why you think she just can’t score those coveted parts.