Absolutely Funny Walks Of Shame


The walk of shame can feel very, very long. Unless you choose to own it. That's what celebrities like Amber Rose are trying to convey to the world - that men and women don't necessarily need to feel ashamed that they indulge in drink and promiscuity. But the walk of shame means many things to many people. It can be the guy walking home in his pizza costume after a night of binging on Halloween, only to have to take the subway, in a groggy daze, the next morning. It can be the girl who is wearing her barely-there mini dress, heels in hand so as to get where she's going faster than stumbling in her stilettos. And it can be the guy whose buddies stole his clothes on that bender of a bachelor party, left to walk home naked and hung over. It all comes down to how you personally feel about the walk home, but there are lots of people who would rather not be caught out looking like they never made it home, and here's our salute to those who endured their walks of shame in style (or not!).