Abnormally Large Animals That Are Actually Real


Surely, there are animals in this world that you didn’t even know existed. On the flip side, there are some animals like dogs, cats and rabbits, which have become household pets over the years, yet some in those groups, are either abnormally large or extremely different from the rest.

Over the course of numerous generations, there have been fixations on animals in terms of them being the subject of mythical creatures and legends. Whether it’s in books like Moby Dick, or dispatches on the findings of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, their existence has become an obsession for some philosophers and animal experts.

However, there are many animals that would fit the role of being abnormal, and they can be found in backyards, zoos, or at some type of expedition. If you thought size doesn’t matter when referring to these breeds, think again. Here are a few abnormally large animals that are actually real:

Zeus, known as the tallest dog, is a Great Dane that weighs 155 pounds and stands 44 inches tall

The incredibly majestic tiger known as Hercules was crowned the largest wildcat ever at 922 pounds and 131 inches long

Darius, the tallest bunny on earth, is over four feet tall and consumes 360 carrots per month

Ludo, a Maine Coon housecat, weighs 5 pounds and stands 45 inches long

The tallest horse in the world, Jake is a mammoth who weighs over 2600 pounds

Blossom, the tallest cow, is over six feet tall and weighs 2000 pounds at age 13