Abnormally Large Animals Created By Humans


While we all know that animals can evolve over many thousands of years, sometimes humans just don’t have enough patience to wait! It’s then that humans interfere to create some of the largest, strongest, most muscular animals you will ever lay eyes on. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they’re one of the most common creatures for us to experiment on. Scientists in China have created hyper muscular beagles using just a slight bit of genetic modification. Meanwhile, by breeding dogs the old fashioned way, people were able to bring about the massive American Bully. Perhaps the largest dog around, is called Hulk, and we are really relieved that he is a gentle giant. To make a giant dragonfly, it turns out that all you need is a little bit extra oxygen. By recreating conditions that existed 300 million years ago, scientists were able to increase the size of dragonflies by 15 percent! Of course, there are some animals that people want to be bigger so that they can devour them, such as these genetically modified giant pigs. If you prefer a tasty burger, check out the Belgian blue cow, which has twice the muscle fibers of your average cow. We will also take a look underwater and have a look at some modified salmon that grow about twice as fast as other fish.