8 Scientific Facts That Prove Video Games Are Good For You


VIDEO GAMES CAN BE HEALTHY ACCORDING TO SCIENCE. If you needed any other reason to game besides the fact that it’s fun and makes your life less stressful, then let us be your guide!

This is TheGamer’s list of 8 scientific facts that prove video games are good for you.


Besides video games, what are some other ways you stay healthy?

Do you think video games should be used as tools for therapy and health care?

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Eating vegetables is really hard. We know because we’ve tried to be healthier, but now, we know there’s an easier way to stay healthy according to science! It’s as simple as playing a video game from time to time. Remember, there’s always a healthy balance and there’s a fine line between video game addiction and a casual gaming session.

There have been tons of studies done on the subject of video games. Some of them have been good and some have been downright terrifying, but one study revealed video games may actually help people suffering from PTSD or a traumatic situation. But not just any video game, it was Tetris which came to the rescue to help patients cope with triggered memories which caused them distress.

Also, did you know video games can give us more memory capacity? Do you remember the old days in World of Warcraft when trying to get bag space was like pulling teeth? Well, it turns out all your hard work may not have been in vain because you probably gained some important skills from it like memory recall and a useful tool against everyday stress.

Do you know what else video games are good for? Teaching children how to read! How cool is that? One study discovered children with dyslexia responded better to action video games which were fast-paced and had an interesting story. It turns out these children needed something to keep their focus so they could become enthralled in a story and video games were the perfect answer to this often misunderstood condition. So let’s take a moment out of our hectic lives to discover the benefits of our favorite hobby, gaming!