7 Celebs That Prove All Latina Women Age Gracefully


What makes a Latina woman age so gracefully will forever remain a mystery. Surely, Hollywood has its fair share of anti-aging products the average human being can never attain, but you can’t beat something that’s natural.

The many Latina women in Hollywood are hard-working actresses that work under stressful schedules, and while age catches up to everyone, there are a number of women that defy the odds and make it seem that they haven’t aged in decades. Most of the women found on this particular list are almost all over the age of 40, and while all of them are beautiful, they are also judged on their talents and philanthropic work besides their looks. Even though most of them will have reached the mid-life age, most of them look like they finished college just a few years ago.

Eva Longoria, star of Desperate Housewives, is 40 years old and still one of the most desirable women in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez is a woman of many talents, having a successful acting and music career, as well as being an entrepreneur.

Eva Mendes is still one of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses, and she just turned 41 years old.

Charisma Carpenter, who owns possibly the best name in Hollywood, is 45 years old and still looks 20.

Young boys across America still have posters of R&B sensation Mariah Carey on their walls, and she’s 45 years old.

An accomplished actress who has her hands full as a mother, Constace Marie is 50 but doesn’t look a day over 29.

According to Forbes, 43-year-old actress Sofia Vergara looks 20 years younger than she is.