5 Ways To Stop the Government From SPYING on YOU


Even just a few decades ago, if you told people you think the Government is watching you, they’d think you were totally nuts. My, how times have changed. In the past couple decades, the massive increase in computer use, internet development and the rise of social media has dramatically changed the world. It has also made it quite a lot easier for the Government to keep tabs on us. You see, all these new gadgets and all those great new browsers and social media apps simply make you and your information much easier to get a hold of. Often, companies you trust have back doors installed in various programs so that the government can grab data if required. Not only that, but after the defection of Edward Snowden, we all learned that the government can track your phone calls with ease.

Naturally, with all these new weaknesses to government spying, there are also new ways to help combat the watchful eye of Government agencies. Some are practical and quick fixes that can instantly reduce the ability of others to watch you. Some methods require a change in routine or how you use apps and social media. Finally, some fixes require you stepping away from those mainstream providers and companies and using lesser-known browsers, apps and services which help conceal your activity and identity a bit better. Ultimately, none of this can totally stop government spying but, as you’ll see, it can make things a lot more difficult should Big Brother ever decide to check in on you.