5 Shows That Copied The Loud House2


Are you a fan of "The Loud House?" We certainly are, it is one of our favorite TV shows in the world, ever. The stories of Lincoln Loud and his family always cheer us up, make us laugh, and put us in a really good mood. And we aren't the only ones because the show has been a massive hit worldwide. But, like many things that are extremely popular and successful, the show seems to have inspired a range of other programs that we think owe a little bit to it. So, today, we are going to look at 5 Shows That Copy "The Loud House."

What do you think of when you think of "The Loud House?" We reckon that you probably think of poor Lincoln Loud, who is stuck in the middle of a very large family. Wait, did someone say, "Stuck in the Middle?" That's the title of one show that we think owes rather a lot to "The Loud House." It's about Harley Diaz, who is the middle child of seven. We'll be talking about that today.

Do you know what "The Loud House" looks like? We're sure you do. The animation style it has is rather distinctive, and you'd recognize anything drawn like that. So, we'll be talking about a character from a Canadian show called "The Adventures of Napkin Man!" who looks like someone who could fit into "The Loud House."

We'll also be talking about what the stars of the show put their voices to, and how "Welcome to the Wayne" reminds us of "The Loud House.” Stay tuned to the end, when we'll show you something that REALLY reminds us of our favorite cartoon family. Thanks for watching, and remember to subscribe!