5 Inventions That Happened Completely By Accident


From that smartphone or tablet you are using right now to the toothpaste and mouthwash you use before bed – pretty much everything around us came about because someone invented it. All around the world, scientists and engineers go to their job with the goal of inventing new things that will benefit the human race. Of course, there are also regular people, like you and me, who aim to create things to make our lives easier. While many inventions are intentional, some pop up by total chance or accident. That is, a person may have been working on a certain project and ended up creating something totally unrelated – but useful nonetheless. What do we mean? Well, rather than give it all away here, check out our following video and see the range of inventions created by total accident. Ranging from childhood toys to life-saving medical devices, it’s incredible what kind of things humans have created unintentionally or simply by chance.