5 funniest Adult Jokes in the Loud House Kids Didnt Understand


“The Loud House” is one of our favorite Nickelodeon shows and we love making videos on these funny characters. But sometimes, Lincoln, Lynn, Lori, Lana, Lola, Lucy, Lisa, Luan, Luna, Leni, and even Clyde, come up with adult jokes that kids didn’t understand. From Lynn’s joke about a lack of balls and her kicks a+ trophy, Lisa’s hidden cameras in the bathroom, to Lori and Bobby’s relationship and Clyde’s nosebleeds, these are the 5 funniest adult jokes in “The Loud House” kids didn’t understand.

Let’s start with Clyde’s nosebleeds. Every time Clyde sees Lori, he gets a nosebleed. To a child, this probably just means Clyde’s excited to see Lori. But in anime, a nosebleed actually represents something that’s definitely not meant for adults.

In “Space Invader,” Lynn made one of the funniest adult jokes ever. The joke was so inappropriate it was actually modified in the UK version of this episode! We’re glad Lynn and Lucy had a fight just so we got to hear this joke on “The Loud House”!

Bobby and Lori’s relationship is sweet. We all know Lori got jealous that Bobby was spending time with Lincoln in “A Fair to Remember,” so she brought Clyde along for the ride to make Bobby jealous. Wait until you hear all innuendos from that episode!

If you love adult jokes and are a fan of “The Loud House,” make sure to watch our video! We’ll talk about Bobby and Lori’s relationship, Clyde’s nosebleeds, Lynn’s balls and her A+ grade, and Lisa’s weird bathroom obsession.